Directors Tell The Story

“The success of the directors coming out of the Warner Bros. Directors’ Workshop has been undeniable. A huge reason for that is because we use this book as its main teaching tool. In my opinion, if you are serious about being a television director, buying this book should be the first thing you do.” ―Christopher Mack, Vice President, Warner Bros. Television Workshop

“Directing is an amazing and daunting combination of Art and Craft. To become a complete Director requires a total blend of instinct, experience and education. The information, tips and advice these two fine Directors have collected in their books are invaluable and presented in a way that allows the reader to not only understand what is offered, but to use it effectively.” ―Michael Zinberg, Director

“This is one of the most specific and detailed books about directing television I’ve ever read. As experts in directing both comedy and drama, and hundreds of television shows between them, the authors have deftly translated their years of practical knowledge and acquired skills to the page, giving insightful instructions that will benefit a television director on any level.” ―Jennifer Warren, Associate Professor of Practice and Chair of Directing Track, School of Cinematic Arts, USC, Chair of Board of Alliance of Women Directors

“As a new director, you are constantly feeling like you want a refresher course on things you’ve previously learned. The thing I love about Bethany and Mary Lou’s book is that it’s so accessible. It’s packed with so many jewels that you employ throughout every stage of the director’s process. I keep the book nearby whenever I’m starting a new project. From an actor’s perspective, chapter 10 is invaluable. I wish it was mandatory for every director to read that chapter before their first day on the set.” ―Regina King, Actress, Director

“Bethany Rooney and Mary Lou Belli’s Directors Tell the Story: Master the Craft of Television and Film Directing… [is] one of the handful of essential volumes written by working directors. Between them, Rooney and Belli have helmed hundreds of hours of episodic television (ranging from episodes of The Wonder Years and Ally McBeal for Rooney, to Sister, Sister and Monk for Belli), as well as several made-for-TV features. This experience permeates every page of their book…The result is a vital addition to any moviemaker’s library.” – Jim Hemphill,

This newly updated edition features:

  • All-new “From the Experts” sections with insider info known only to working professionals
  • Profiles of top film and TV luminaries with advice and tips
  • Additional “How I Got My First Job” stories from directors currently in the trenches
  • Useful instruction to help you put directing techniques into practice
  • A companion website featuring directing tutorials and video interviews with the authors