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Leaving episodic shackles behind

Just wrapped ABC/Shondaland “Scandal”.  OMG!!  My level of excitement felt the same as when I first began directing, in part because I was challenged to shoot the script differently, and partly because the writing was so damn good and the

Rediscovering the craft

I’ve been talking about the craft of directing a lot lately, as people discover the book, (Directors Tell the Story) and ask me to speak on the subject.  I thought I (and Mary Lou) had covered the subject completely in

Big questions, little moments

My script for In Plain Sight was ostensibly about a drag queen who had to go into Witness Protection after seeing his boss murdered.  And for the main characters, it was about their choices in life: getting engaged for Fred

Life Is Good

Gratitude is everything. Every day starts with a prayer of gratitude, but on shooting days, I know I have something extra to be grateful for. “I get to shoot today, thank you, God!” I take the newspaper to work with

Matters of the heart

I finished Private Practice and moved directly over to Revenge – both ABC Studios productions.  In one show I’m shooting a scene of a heart transplant, and in the next I’m shooting scenes of figuratively breaking hearts.  I guess what

Icing on the cake

I just finish directing “Good Christian Belles,” formerly “Good Christian Bitches,” now known as “GCB”.  It’s a mid-season show for ABC, so it may be called something else by the time it airs.  But whatever it’s called, it’s fantastic.  It’s

Learning by teaching

Last weekend I taught a class at the Writers’ Store entitled “Directors and Writers: Getting on the Same Page”.  It was an interesting journey through my own mind (isn’t it always?) to specify tools that assist communication in the preproduction

When in France…

I just returned from a family vacation in London and Paris.  While I appreciated everything, from the food to the architecture to the people-watching opportunities, I couldn’t help thinking that I needed to drink this all in and file it

Groucho takes a banana

When I teach, I always learn.  Just as when I direct, I always learn.  And sometimes I think, boy, I must be dumb.  Haven’t I learned it all yet?  And then I reassure myself: it’s all a process, and there

In my wheelhouse

Being a woman director, I often direct family or teenage dramas, since producers/studios/networks think that women are better suited to “soft” material and men are more suited to “edgy” material.  I won’t even go into how limiting and short-sighted that