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It seems to me that when something goes wrong, I have to take a clear objective look at the sequence of events and make an assessment.  My three choices are: I did nothing wrong. I did a little bit wrong.


At the close of every one of my childhood visits with my grandmother, she would comfort me with the aphorism, “All good things must come to an end.” At the time, I found it depressing rather than comforting, but now

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“Use your words” is a phrase we hear often in preschools.  It’s a way of reminding children that acting out is not always an appropriate way to make their point of view clear.  We tell kids it’s better to say,

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ME AND MY SHADOW Or, How To Shadow Appropriately

The bad news: “We booked all our slots already, we can’t offer you a job right now.” But – The good news: “Congratulations!  We would like you to shadow!” All rising directors in TV have heard some version of this

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For the past six months, I’ve been in the enviable position of observing other directors as they work while I’m the producing director of the CBS drama, BULL.  This is an unusual experience for me because mostly I’ve been a

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Out Of My Comfort Zone

I just directed an episode of a show that was WAY outside my comfort zone. My comfort zone is directing a heartfelt performance, of creating a scene in the ersatz environment of a soundstage that feels real and spontaneous. I

Why I Teach Directing

Because I absolutely love directing. Because I have knowledge to share. Because the business needs it. It’s not that the business needs me, per se, but the business needs someone to step up and say, “Many directors in TV today


I am not a female director, I am a good director. My gender has nothing to do with my creative vision, my leadership skills, my ability to tell a story for the screen. My gender has nothing to do with

A Trustworthy Relationship

          The fundamental relationship between director and actor is one of trust. The actor trusts that the director knows what she’s doing and will support and lead the actor to an authentic and appropriate performance. The

Directing With a Different Voice

I heard a piece of music the other day that made me rethink everything I’ve learned about the business of directing TV shows. I’ve directed over 200 episodes of prime-time network television over 30 years. I co-wrote a textbook about

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