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Directing With a Different Voice

I heard a piece of music the other day that made me rethink everything I’ve learned about the business of directing TV shows. I’ve directed over 200 episodes of prime-time network television over 30 years. I co-wrote a textbook about

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What Makes A Good Director?

 1. The passion to be a storyteller. 2. A love for actors. 3. An outgoing personality. 4. Intelligence. 5. An ability to use the camera well. 6. An outgoing personality. 7. A facility for political gamesmanship. 8. Dogged determination to

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Choosing to be Happy

I am happy where I am. Just now I’m in Nashville, directing the eponymous show, and in my free time talking with area college students.  I am invariably asked if I wish that I directed movies.  The subtext I take

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We “Minority” Directors

Last weekend Paris Barclay was elected President of the Directors Guild of America.  As he should be.  He is a quality director who has won Emmys, and has been producer/director of numerous shows, including Sons of Anarchy and In Treatment. 

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The Freelancer’s Secret

    A young aspiring director asked me this week how I cope with the most stressful aspect of being a freelance director: walking into the environment of a show that’s new to me, and after just seven days of

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A Director’s Dialogue

  I attended a Hollywood producer’s workshop last weekend on pitching, packaging and financing, since I know I have a lot to learn in these areas.  It was not the information that rattled me, but the multiple anecdotes about what

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Sail On To Success

Picture this: you are a small boat adrift in the Pacific Ocean.  Sometimes the wind fills your sails and you feel like you’re flying, going far and feeling good.  Sometimes you’re becalmed.  Sometimes you can see danger coming, like a

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My Time to Wear Red

I wore a red outfit the other day for the first time in my life.  To look at me, wearing red while interacting at an industry event, you wouldn’t have known it was a big deal.  But it was a

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Love vs. Fear

My husband insisted I watch the first episode of Bates Motel.  I stuck with it for the first fifteen minutes, admiring its style (directed by Tucker Gates) and hating its content.  I left the room in a huff after Vera

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That’s The Way It Is

Walter Cronkite would end his nightly broadcasts saying, “And that’s the way it is,” asserting that the CBS Evening News was telling the truth for that day. Well, the way it is for women directors in the TV and film

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